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Amazing Space has a wonderfully diverse portfolio of film locations and we’re always looking for new locations to offer our clients for their next shoot. Your property might be incredibly ordinary or wonderfully extraordinary, we love all sorts of locations, so please contact us with your potential location.

Having shoots at your property generates extra income, but it also needs to be a positive experience and we are here to offer you support and advice through the process. From registration, through to enquiries and confirmed shoots we are here to offer guidance and to keep you fully briefed on what to expect when the crew arrive for a shoot. We will draw up the film contract and check the clients insurance, both of which need to be in place before any shoot at your property, and hope to make the whole experience both enjoyable and financially rewarding.

Many diverse properties make great locations, so if you think your property would make an ideal location then we’d love you to share some photos with us. The ideal location both looks great and has the room to accommodate all those people behind the scenes – the lighting, the playback monitors, the clients etc.

In order to register your property please send us some photographs and complete the registration form. Please take photos in landscape format and in good daylight. Include photographs of all the main rooms. If you’re registering a house please include shots of the sitting room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, garden and exterior.


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When a shoot is confirmed at your property we will ask you to email us an invoice for the agreed amount, which will be paid to you on completion of the shoot.

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Being a shoot location can be a fantastic experience, along with a great way to make a little extra money. As your agent, Amazing Space will put your property forward for many exciting photoshoots, commercials, TV dramas, and feature films.

Every shoot is different, and we will talk through the details of each initial enquiry with you to check you’re happy to proceed. Enquiries are often very fast paced – an enquiry may come in for your property and confirm within the same day. It is important that we have your up to date contact details, in order to feed back your availability to the Client as soon as possible – otherwise the shoot may confirm elsewhere.

Clients will usually want to view the house before confirming a shoot, and may also do an additional ‘technical recce’ once a shoot has confirmed. On the day of a confirmed shoot, your home should be presented in the same condition as the photos on our site. You will need to be home to welcome the crew in the morning and answer any questions about kitchen facilities, wifi, toilets, etc. You are welcome to stay in your home during the shoot, and should be present to walk around with the team at the end of the day to check for any damage. It is the Client's responsibility to return the house to the condition in which they found it.

Crews can vary from 5 people, up to 50 + people depending on the nature of the job. It is likely the crew will want to move furniture around and dress the space with their own props, along with bringing camera, lighting & sound equipment. There will also be several vehicles arriving to deliver this equipment on the morning of the shoot, and ideally these vehicles would have space to park nearby.

Amazing Space will always be fully briefed about every job and on hand by phone to provide support and advice to our location owners.

If you think this could be for you, we look forward to seeing your registration form & photos!