Commercial FAQs

Why consider location hire?

Location hire is an immediate way to generate significant temporary income from empty buildings, or additional income from unutilised areas within tenanted buildings.

In terms of PR, location hire is an extremely effective way to raise a building’s profile. Whether a talking point when showing potential tenants around or a hook to secure press coverage of a site up for sale, you can’t put a value on the glamour factor.

Some of our clients initially entertain location hire for security reasons: regular comings and goings deter unwelcome attention from empty sites. And for buildings that are empty but have 24 hour security, location hire not only covers security costs but keeps guards engaged and alert.

And finally, there are the maintenance benefits, production companies regularly clear sites out, put fresh coats of paint on walls and fix toilets.


Why appoint Amazing Space?

Location hire is a specialist market – and you need a specialist agent to target the right companies and secure the best possible terms of business for you. Our commercial and industrial department is quite simply one of a kind, offering an unrivalled service valued by both property owners and production companies alike.

Property owners appoint us because we represent their buildings sensitively and responsibly: securing revenue without jeopardising our clients’ key business objectives is our philosophy.

Marketing a property and co-ordinating location hire is a full time job so let our team handle it for you - we’re the market leaders because our expertise is based on many years of getting it right.


How much can my property earn?

Key Amazing Space commercial/industrial locations earn between £100,000 and £400,000 per annum - a significant income, especially considering that no capital outlay is required and all the leg work is handled by Amazing Space.

If your building has potential for filming/events we can advise you how to maximise your income. And with daily rates ranging from £750 for photography to £ 2,500 for feature films to £ 7,000 for events, the right building will see a healthy return from location hire.


What Makes a Successful Location?

Commercial/Industrial properties that attract the most income are usually within the M25 and Greater London. They can be empty, awaiting development or premium tenanted sites.


Our service (in a nutshell)

Assessing market value of buildings and setting rate cards
Arranging promotional photography
Marketing your property to an international client base

Building set-up
Liaising with existing building management and security
Assessing facilities and services
Establishing restrictions and regulations
Implementing tried and tested project management procedures

Project Co-ordination
Filtering enquiries and arranging recces
Negotiating financial and legal terms and all practical arrangements with hirers
Co-ordinating any reinstatement

Drafting concise schedules of hire and executing contracts
Collecting fees, deposits, insurance and H&S documents prior to access
Raising all invoices, processing fees and distributing funds
Distribution of funds from damage deposits

Of course every building is different and we always tailor our service to fit.