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Type The Brief Duration Agency Contact Date Added
TV Commercial A large home to be redecorated for wallpaper company commmercial 5 days Emily Sunderland 31/8/2016
Feature Film Multi-site with buildings, land, warehouses 1-2 months Connie Henderson 3/8/2016
Feature Film High end penthouse apartment with city views 4 weeks Emily Sunderland 3/8/2016
Stills Lavish, ornate house preferably with outdoor space 6 days Tom Cheater 30/7/2016
Event Central London Town House 2 -3 Days Emily Sunderland 17/7/2016
Stills Photography Scandinavian style property with modern interior 1 day Tom Cheater 4/7/2016
Filming Supermarket; interior and exterior space 3-4 days Connie Henderson 20/5/2016
Corporate Film Quirky modern office space or live/work space 2-3 days Emily Sunderland 17/5/2016
Commercial Modern, sleek office space with views of London 1 week Tom Cheater 22/11/2015
TV Drama Impressive family homes needed 2-3 Days Connie Henderson 31/7/2015
TV Commercial Contemporary restaurant with bar 2 days Connie Henderson 16/7/2015